Saratoga Springs life coaching services


We all face challenges and struggles on the path of life at times. We long for greater meaning, connection and direction in our lives. We yearn for something greater than ourselves and for peace. We may ask ourselves:

  • How can I strengthen my relationship with God?
  • Where does spirituality fit into everyday life?
  • How can I experience life more fully?
  • How can I use my spirituality at work and home?
  • How can I find satisfaction and meaning in my hectic life?
  • How and where is God leading me?
  • What is my purpose here?
  • How can I be of greater service to this world?

As an experienced chaplain/counselor, Life Coach and Spiritual Director, it would be a great privilege to accompany you on your sacred path.  Spiritual direction and life coaching services can help you become more aware of the guidance of Spirit that is ever-present to lead you toward your most authentic and fulfilling life.

Saratoga Spiritual & Life Coaching Services include:

  • Spiritually Focused Life Coaching
  • Spiritual Direction

I look forward to meeting you and providing a supportive, compassionate and accepting environment where you can feel safe and free to experience the beauty and mercy of Spirit guiding you along the way. Please call (518)584-0680 with any questions or to set up an appointment in Saratoga Springs NY or via phone or internet.